Welcome To The Connected Lighting World

Connected lighting gives you greater customer insight, lets you deliver superior customer experience, creates personalized workspaces, and adds a layer of intelligence to the environment which responds and adapts to people’s preferences and needs.

Imagine . . . a world of beautifully illuminated indoor and outdoor spaces . . . where every light point is connected to an intelligent system that delivers high-quality, reliable illumination . . .

Lightning Protection System Basics The 10 Worst Grounding Mistakes You’ll Ever Make There are common teaching mistakes and bad things teachers do to students. WatchMojo counts down ten of the dumbest decisions teachers have ever made. Wanna see more crazy stuff? Be sure to watch our videos on the Top 10 Craziest Things to Ever Happen at Walmart: https…

LED luminaires are inherently electronic devices, offering unique opportunities to add features and to expand their role, especially in commercial applications.

And with our commitment, expertise and knowledge of our connected world, we continue to push innovations in smart lighting technology to allow you to give the advance features your customers look for. We invite you to take a look around and learn how we can better help serve your business.

Training Vs. Retaining: It Needn’t Be A Choice Being careful with the budget is a core function of good managers. The training budget is no exception. Is your care because you are trying to get the most bang for your training buck? Or do you restrict training out of fear of losing trained employees? You may have heard the joke about the latter

Embrace the value of connected lighting. Making the step to LED lighting has become a logical step towards more sustainable business practices as it usually cuts your energy usage in half.

Connected lighting systems from Philips move professional lighting forward into the brave new worlds of constant connectivity and big data delivering world-class …

New features. One of the new features that will be presented at LIGHTFAIR® International is the Luxon Emergency Lighting Module, which can make it easier for companies to comply with safety regulations while at the same time contributing to the reduction of a building’s operating costs.

This is about Avaya. It's about how we keep pushing technological boundaries to create seamless communication experiences that helps customers and teams…

LED luminaires are inherently electronic devices, offering unique opportunities to add features and to expand their role, especially in commercial applications.

Transforming Melaka into Smart Cities with Philips CityTouch The new vernacular seems to make up a distinct cultural world, embracing practices that can be linguistic, architectural, landscape-based, pictorial and material—connected to artistic … …

Sizing A Circuit Breaker So Now While Sizing the Circuit Breaker I have to take 130Kw Or 130*0.35=45.5Kw?? Someone Suggets me to take 45.5Kw in caculation.. The main circuit breaker in the distribution switchgear may not need to be so large as to be the sum of all machines with individual circuit breakers. When To Replace Old Electrical Wiring

Welcome to Connected Light. Light changes the way a space feels. It has the power to transform, enhance and empower the way we live, work, think At Connected Light, we have spent 30 years turning this vision into a reality through a powerful choice of products, projects and proofing expertise.

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