Ul Warns Of Potentially Hazardous Direct Replacement Led Tube Lamps

The LED tube lamps are identified for multiple application methods, but are not intended for line voltage applications. The lamps are marked with Lamps produced by Archipelago Lighting and LifeBulb that are marked 'direct replacement for T832W Lamps Only' are authorized to bear the UL…

MaxLite Webinars: UL Warns Of Potentially Hazardous Dual-Mode LED Tubes - 7/27/17 Statement regarding UL Warns of Potentially hazardous direct replacement led tube lamps (Release No. 17PN-07) NSF for Led Tube and Led Refrigerator light

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The LED lamp does not comply with UL Standards for Safety and is not authorized to bear the UL Mark for the United States and Canada. Manufacturer: James Industry Group LLC. Date of Manufacture: 2014. Hazard: Product may overheat or cause the fluorescent ballast to overheat, posing a potential…

UL issued a warning concerning potential hazards presented by Direct Replacement Dual-Mode LED Tubes. Watch the webinar for a special training session on dua… Watch the webinar for a special training session on dual-mode T8 lamps, including: their impact in the marketplace, how to…

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All recorded safety alerts in the province of Ontario are recorded and made public. All files are free to download.

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(Version française) (Versión en español) NORTHBROOK, Ill., July 5, 2017 — The following is a notification from UL that the Direct Replacement LED Tube lamp identified below bears an unauthorized UL Mark for the United States and Canada and may pose a fire hazard.

IAEI, as the keystone of the electrical industry, is a membership driven, non-profit association promoting electrical safety throughout the industry by providing premier education, certification of inspectors, advocacy, partnerships and expert leadership in electrical codes and …