Sensitive Electronic Grounding In Industrial Locations

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Grounding in a Control Panel Thirty to 35 years ago, distributed control systems (DCSs), along with new analog and digital instrument systems, were in their infancy. Programmable logic controllers (plcs) and other electronic instrumentation were very susceptible to noise when connected to the plant grounding electrode system.

In all cases, the equipment-grounding conductor should be used and one should not rely only on the In addition, all indoor and outdoor metallic structures should be bonded to the ground electrode system The soil characteristics of the exact location for each rod, influences the coating to be used.

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Grounding in Sensitive Electric Equipment. Grounding systems must execute multiple simultaneous functions: provide In distributed systems like industrial process control, with distant physical areas and power supplied by different power sous, it is recommended grounding on each location and to…

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Q Source is a distributor of products for the commercial industrial assembly and production environments. For 35 years, we have specialized in the Bio-Medical, Electronic, and Pharmaceutical Industrial sectors and have customers located throughout the United States and International locations.

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Without good grounding, sensitive electronic equipment is subjected to destruction of data, erratic equipment operation, and catastrophic damage. Inductive effects of lighting including transients, wiring errors, and code violations cause damages estimated at about $20 billion dollars in the US and…

Sensitive electronic equipment, such as computers and computer-controlled equipment, require the reference to ground provided by an equipment Take reasonable measures to ensure that the resistance to ground is 25 ohms or less for typical loads. In many industrial cases, particularly where…

The coexistence of equipment of different technologies and the inadequacy of the installations favors the emission of electro-magnetic energy and often causes problems of electro-magnetic compatibility.

The Issues of Electronic Equipment Grounding at the Power Facilities International Journal of Research Studies in Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IJRSEEE) Page | 13

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Electronic equipment is common in commercial and industrial locations. These digital electronics process information by operating simple on/off switches. Neutral and ground bonds and isolated grounds must be installed as recommended in the national electrical code.

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