How To Save Your Motors During A Brownout

Learn how to protect your gadgets before a summertime brownout. Unlike a rolling blackout, you may not even notice that a brownout is occurring. During heat wave-induced power events, appliances with motors and data-storing devices such as computers are most vulnerable to damage caused by…

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Learn the causes and how to prevent each of these events in this blog post. A brownout, often called a voltage slump, is a voltage drop in your electrical system. The name brownout comes from the color of the bulbs, which typically turn brown due to dimming when the voltage drops.

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HOW TO: Survive A Power Outage - Aquariums Undervoltage is defined as a condition where the applied voltage drops to 90% of rated voltage, or less, for at least 1 minute. Low-voltage conditions occur when a facility asks for more power than the line can deliver.

During a brownout (periods where a building does not receive it's normal level of voltage) motors can potentially overheat to the point of failure. As I have been lead to understand, it is because motors are designed to operate at a certain HP (745 watts).

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Here's how to prepare for a power outage so your family is not in the dark—literally—when the power goes out. Another difference between a brownout vs. blackout is that a brownout is used by an energy provider as an emergency strategy to prevent the system from a blackout.