High Times: Legalized Marijuana And Drug Testing For Contractors

The chosen contractor will be required to provide a site with security cameras and a fence high enough to shield the incineration operations from public view. Each burn of marijuana will be …

Employers with Draconian cannabis and drug testing policies may face … in states where medical marijuana is legal should avoid so-called “zero tolerance” policies — unless the employer is a federal …

High Times intro to Drug Testing. A complete guide on how to pass a drug test, with the five most important Hair tests can detect THC and other substances in your head and body hair for months or even years after usage, depending New Jersey Cancels Scheduled Vote on Legalizing Marijuana.

ALIQUIPPA — Most 26-year-olds don’t have to keep track of their various medications with an oversized seven-day pill box. But it’s a reality for Evan D’Orazio, who spread numerous bottles …

When looking for a quick and reliable drug testing kit, one can easily rely on the 10 Panel DrugConfirm™ CLIA Urine Drug Test Cup. It is built to help detect an array of illicit drugs such as amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, methamphetamine, MDMA, methadone…

1 National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Health and Medicine Division, Board on Population Health and Public Health Practice, Committee on the Health Effects of Marijuana: An Evidence Review and Research Agenda.

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News Channel 4 – CBD Oil Bill Could Save Lives While the legislature debates about drug policy some children are dying to be heard. While many states drag their feet some children are suffering from hundreds of seizures per day with no known cure. In this News Channel 4 interview one family discusses the challenges […]

Marijuana laws challenging workplace drug testing Cannabis drug testing describes various drug test methodologies for the use of cannabis in medicine, sport, and law. Cannabis use is highly detectable and can be detected by urinalysis, hair analysis…

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Urine drug tests for weed, then, are essentially trying to detect evidence that your body is still working on eliminating the waste And if you're a daily user, expect a two-month time frame before your urine drug test will come back negative. New Jersey Cancels Scheduled Vote on Legalizing Marijuana.

Last November 6, voters in Colorado and washington state approved amendment 64 and Initiative 502, respectively, making it legal for anyone over the age of 21 to possess small amounts of marijuana for recreational use. For college kids, stoners, and aging fans of the Grateful Dead, it was a cause

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I oppose legalization … get if they are all high? What kind of citizens or work force will we have? Colorado reports that hospital emergency rooms are daily treating people with CHS, a result of …

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Many organizations across the country that are looking to simplify the process of employee drug testing have turned to third party administrator USA Mobile Drug Testing (USAMDT), a national mobile drug testing company that sends certified compliance specialists directly to the employer.