Demand For Horticultural Lighting Is Driving Research And Development

Led Lighting Market Overview. global led lighting market is likely to reach a size of $70,240 million by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 12.6% during the forecast period.

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Increased research on how light affects plant growth is advancing quickly for a variety of food crops. The demand for organic and locally sourced products increases as a The horticulture lighting market is one of the most exciting potential markets for LED technologies to have a massive impact.

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PAR Light Quality LEDs & HID: Plant Grow Light Basics -101 (pt 1) Demand for Horticultural Lighting is Driving Research and Development May 12, 2018 Indoor horticulture is becoming a major source of new demand for electric power in some utilities' markets and a major source of revenue for manufacturers of specialized horticultural lighting.

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driving led light sources leds are semiconductors with light-emitting junctions designed to use low-voltage, constant current DC power to produce light.

Agricultural/horticultural scientists in research positions usually apply for a postdoctoral fellowship after getting a PhD. Farmers are increasingly having to work towards sustainable and efficient crop production, and this has led to a higher demand for scientists with a research focus on