Code Q&a: Receptacle Rules In A Kitchen Island

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Does the same rule of only needing one receptacle apply to a kitchen island that has a raised backsplash? In general an island countertop only requires one receptacle if not broken into separate spaces by a sink or other appliance, etc.

Nothing in the NEC says the island has to be permanent either….just that it is an island….so two can play the semantics game…. There is a HUGE difference in a table or something with wheels being in the kitchen and the beasts shown in the images provided by the original poster.

I was looking to have a power outlet installed in a closet but was informed by the building’s managing agent that it’s against code. I was wondering if this is true or not and if there’s any workaround.

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I have been digging around on the internet and NEC code but I am having trouble finding this. Is it allowed by code to install upward facing outlets flush into a kitchen island countertop?

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2014 NEC Electrical Code Changes On GFCIs & Kitchen Remodels NEC rules for installing a receptacle for a peninsula or island countertop space

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At least one receptacle shall be installed at each island counter space with a Where a rangetop or sink is installed in an island counter and the width of the The NEC would become an unmanageable document if it had rules to cover every contingency individually.