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Smoke Alarms – You are twice as likely to die in a fire without functioning smoke alarms.  Hardwired interlinked smoke alarms are the safest longest lasting solution, typically 10 yrs.    ·  

Check your smoke alarms are working weekly, just push the button(s).            

Emergency Lighting – Battery backed light that comes on automatically in a power outage.    ·  

Test any emergency lighting are still working properly every month. Wait 15 minutes to ensure batteries still adequate RCD Protection – Trips off power when imbalance between live & neutral occurs. It should disconnect quickly enough to prevent injury to someone touching a live part.  

Remember to press your RCD test button(s) every three months. Earth Bonding – Helps provides safety from electrocution if electrical fault comes in contact with exposed metal by connecting gas/water pipes etc directly to main earth supply.MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) – Automatic resettable switch to protect a circuit from overload or short circuit. Replaces old fashioned rewire-able fuses.

new fuse box/consumer unit installed by a reputable qualified electrician will include MCBs & RCDs protection as well as earth bonding with a Part P New Installation Certificate following the BS7671.  

Spot Lights – Also called down lights should not be covered over by insulation or other materials that can cause them to over heat in lofts or under floors above ceilings.  They should be either cool low voltage or fire safe rated or be fitted with fire hoods. Remember to always use the correct rated bulbs. 

D.I.Y. if you are attempting anything potentially dangerous or you don’t fully understand what you are doing then please seek expert advice. Never use an extension lead in the bathroom or outside in the damp & wet. And remember loose, cracked or damaged light switches & sockets should be replaced immediately by a qualified electrician. Damaged cords, plugs & appliances should also be replaced.  It’s a good idea to get all your appliances PAT tested every year. 

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